Joint Us!

Shojo Papers need you, join our team!
We are in search of new members:

Cleaners & Typessetters

* Know the basics of photoshop (or be able to learn how to use it).
* Have free time and be responsible.

Translators urgent!

Chinese-English Urgent!

* Have good spelling.
* Have a firm grasp of the language to translate and interpret in the best way possible to English.
* Have free time and be responsible.


* Have excellent spelling.
* Have free time and be responsible.

If you want to help us, contact us for:

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm a current English proof reader for the group Artificial Demons but I'm trying to more broadly branch out into shojo since that's my field of interest. I'm a very experienced proof reader with them and I'm also a graduate from an English university with a BA in English and Creative Writing - as such, my English level is top-notch. If you're looking for a proof reader I would love to take whatever test you may have. Thank you very much,



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