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Haru to Koi to Kimi no KotoHARU TO KOI TO KIMI NO KOTO
Mishima Hiroka is a young girl who doesn't understand love and wants to avoid it due to some trauma. Seta Airi is an ikemen who is secretly a narcissist and uncomfortable with the touch of girls. They both attend a boarding school where dating is forbidden. The only thing is... that rule is in name only.
A sparkling story about love and friendship.
Author & Artist: Ayase Umi
Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life

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Last Update: Chapter 12

The world shared by humans and ajins (those who are half beast and half human) is not paradise. On the contrary, humans rule over ajins with strictness and contempt, using them at their own convenience: men as soldiers for their special powers and women as prostitutes, downgraded to the lowest rank.
To change that destiny, Kogetsu serves the king under the guise of a man.
Author & Artist: Toma Rei
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Supernatural

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Last Update: Chapter 12

Description: In the summer her grandfather passed away, high school girl Kiyoi found herself abandoned. To protect her home, she decides to marry that man…!!
Author & Artist: Mio Nanao
Genre: School Life, Supernatural, Romance

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Last Update: Chapter 20
Joint: Chibi Manga Scans

Description: “I know I am no match for him, but these feelings are overflowing out…!!”
Four girls have fallen in love with boys older than them: the four Odagiri, each one with their own great personality.
To be avoided, to love, and to be loved too much (!?)… This is the start of four love stories, of four girls who can’t hold back their feelings and are making their way to the adult world!
Author & Artist: Kapparappara
Genre: School Life, Romance

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Last Update: Chapter 3

Description: Ichika started high school with a lot of expectations, but hasn't been able to make any friends because she's too shy to talk to others. One day in the school backyard, Yuuya - a known ex-delinquent, feared by all his classmates - approaches her, and for some reason invites her to go to a karaoke place with him...
A beautiful and shy girl and an ex-delinquent, two introverted and lonely souls, make plans after school to achieve their dreams: be able to make friends!
Author & Artist: Kurachi Yone
Genre: School Life, Romance

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Last Update: Chapter 10

Description: Collection of oneshots
1. Taka no Me wa Gomakasenai
Mami, who is about to graduate from high school, is looking for a chance to confess to her three-year-older childhood friend, Harutaka. On the way home from school, while Harutaka is sending her back by car, Mami who can not suppress her feelings says "I do not want to return" -!?
Author & Artist: Kamino Ruri
Genre: School Life, Romance

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Last Update: Chapter 01

Description: "He and I live in two different worlds." At least, that's what she thought until that day…
Morino is a 2nd year middle schooler who tends to have a shy personality. One day, she sees Hasumi, one of the popular guys at school, crying all by himself. Morino tries to encourage him, but she also had a deep secret…
Author & Artist: Aoi Haru
Genre: Drama, Romance, Tragedy

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Last Update: 01/02

Description: Itsuki is a highschool girl who's in a secret relationship with her teacher. They have been going out for 6 months, however...
Author & Artist: Yuzuki Komugi
Genre: Romance, School Life

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Last Update: Chapter 04

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  1. thanks a lot for translating this wonderful manga. I really love this manga. this manga is the best manga I've ever read so far. this manga is so heartwarming, cute, and so pure. I don't know how to describe it, but everything is so perfect to me. the story, characters, and the art are sooo incredible! Highly, highly recomended!I hope you don't drop this precious manga. I beg youuuu
    and if I may give you a suggest. how about if you and chibi manga do a collab? because you guys also translating this manga. and it's such a waste if you and chibi manga also translate the same chapter. example, if shoujo manga translates chap 4, chibi manga translates chap 5. This is just a suggestion so don't mind it if you don't like it. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Well, thank you, thank you so much, because of you I have something that I really like to read. this one is becoming my favorite manga ever! please don't drop it. I really mean it. please always cheer up. ganbate nee~ :)

  2. Is there going to be an update to Ichigo Syndrome at all?


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